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Out from the shadows….

愛子 appears!

And it seems that the owner of American Wota and International Wota (the latter of which follows this lovely little blog) is confused on how this works. So I’ll explain! (●≧w≦●)

I am the brainchild of a 15 year old boy who is called Max. He lives in the United States and became a fan of Hello! Project on December 12, 2006. Now he writes this blog from my perspective. Some of the writings are his opinions (for example, the thing about not listening to H!P anymore in the reaction to the reactions to Resonant Blue.), but some of them are my opinions. For example, I love Aruiteru, and Max really hates that song. I like most Melon Kinenbi music and he only likes a few of their songs.

So I guess that the purpose of this blog is to convey Max’s and my own opinions and to let me do something since living in his mind is pretty boring. Also, It is a bit of an ‘insider’ view of Hello! Project and the idol industry, since I’m supposed to be a Morning Musume member. I guess it’s a lot of what you said in the last Intl Wota post about this blog.

The Fan Fiction thing probably won’t happen. I might share a few anecdotes in the future, but for right now It’s just our opinions.

This is to clear things up so that each post featuring this blog isn’t a question about what the purpose of the blog is.

On another note, the concert is a little over halfway complete and I’m exhausted. It’s a fun lineup, but singing so many songs is really really tiring. Maybe I’ll get a massage or something when it’s over~





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Completely unrelated to H!P (well, almost)

Hi everyone~♪

愛子 needs to start coming on here again~

And I am proudly announcing that the main purpose of this blog post is not Hello! Project related! It’s Otsuka Ai related. She’s an artist that I have recently started to like. I especially like her songs Planetarium and Pocket. She’s just meant to sing ballads, I think. (●≧w≦●)

Some of her other songs are good, too, especially White Choco.  But to me, her voice just seems to be mean to sing ballads.  I’m not sure exactly what it is, but her voice has such a genuine tone to it.  It’s like she really means what she sings, and what she sings is beautiful~ (゜ー゜)

Now I listen to her music when I really need to relax.  Resonant Blue was released this week and tensions are high, after 3 days on the market.  So when I’m relaxing after work, or when I’m hanging out with Sayumi or Risa or anyone, really, I listen to these songs and sing them at karaoke and I instantly just go into some sort of dream land.  It’s very calming, really. ( ̄∀ ̄;;)

Speaking of Resonant Blue, the sales have been pretty good!  Much better than Mikan was.  I was sad when Mikan did so poorly, but I guess it just didn’t appeal to the fans?  Oh well.  Resonant Blue has done very well, staying in the top 5 on the daily chart for three days.  It will do great, I think.

Morning Musume’s tour started this week.  And the set list is kind of tiring (〇_〇;;

Singing all the singles is hard, especially since some of those singles are very rarely performed.  Especially singles like Manatsu no Kousen (another one of those relaxing songs) and THE Manpower!!!.

I guess i don’t know exactly what else to write about.  Except for one thing:


愛子 is leaving~

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Songs that need to be covered and who should cover them! (Pt 1)

Hi there~♪

愛子 is here (◎口◎)

This is the first in a new series I’m starting, spurred mostly by v-u-den’s 10th and final single Nanni mo Iwazu ni I LOVE YOU, and is about old H!P songs that I think would be great covered by current artists.

At this point, I only have two songs in mind.  I’ll start with my favourite idea.

Akai Nikkichou should be covered by GAM.


Can’t you see it?  Mikitty has the voice to do the ‘male’ vocals and possibly Danielle’s lines, and then Ayaya would have the Gocchin’s parts.  Sure, the status of GAM is unsure, but Mikitty has resumed her solo career, right?

Akai Nikkichou is such a GAM-ish song, I think. (●^^●)

The reason I said Mikitty could do Danielle’s lines was after hearing her perform the song Amazing Grace in English.  She worked really hard and her accent wasn’t that bad ~♪

The other song I want to see covered is. . .

I WISH to be covered by ゜C-ute


Not quite sure why, but that song just seems right for  ゜C-ute.  They seem the right age for the song, and to be honest, I think the range of the song is too hard for just Maimi and Airi to handle.  And Nakki and Maimai are too squeaky for the song.  It’d be a good song to showcase the stronger, though lesser known vocals of Chisato and Kanna (who’s own version of the song on Hello! Pro Hour was pretty good).

And imagine how excited the entire group would sound during the chorus.  It’s just perfect. (≧▽≦)

I’m sure that if they do cover these songs, however I’m sure that they won’t be singles.  But they’d make a very pleasing surprise on an album or as a c/w.

It’s getting late, so I must leave.

愛子  must leave~☆

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Why the sad face?

Hey there~ ♪

愛子 is here (●≧w≦●)

I’m here to wonder why American fans are so pessimistic towards H!P. I’ve read blogs posted on International Wota and on other blogrolls and I’ve noticed that very few fans are optimistic! Everyone fears that something bad will happen. And it’s kind of depressing to the optimistic fans


When the PV for Resonant Blue was leaked via Dohhh UP!, the reactions were insane. Many people were saying things like “Tsunku has lost his mind,” “Another horrible single” and things like that. If you really think that, then stop listening to Morning Musume and Hello! Project in general. I’ve stopped going to Hello! Online because of the pessimism of everyone there. It makes me feel sad.  (>∀<)

It’s true that sales haven’t been the best recently, but there’s no excuse to stop liking a group just because sales are down. Otherwise no one would ever release any music. Even Ayumi Hamasaki had poor sales when she first started. Her first single and album barely made it into the top 200.

As for Morning Musume and Hello! Project, they’re just going through a slump. To be honest, the music industry’s going through a slump because of mp3s. But don’t stop listening or act all depressed because sales are lower than usual. I’m sure they’re release something groundbreaking to make up for the poor sales recently.

A lot of lines were stolen during the PV. You can tell during some of the ‘solo lines’ during the chorus that they’re sung by more than two people, and a lot of Reina’s ‘solo’ lines are actually mine. Koharu steals Aika’s lines and Ai steals Risa’s solo lines. Plus Reina seems to lipsynch worse than usual when she’s stealing lines.

So basically what I’m trying to say is: American fans! Don’t freak out! Hello! Project won’t collapse. Sales are worse than usual, but it’ll all work out in the end.

愛子 out~~

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Yay! PV and °C-ute News~

Hey there~

Aiko here (●^▽^●)

It looks like the PV for Resonant Blue is out there in the real world, so I’m here to comment on it.

I, personally, like the song and PV. I was visible only a few times, when I was singing with Risa. But that’s okay. Also, did you notice my lack of lines? Remember that my lines are Eri Kamei’s in real life.

Over all, the song has a very edgy feel, which I like (●^-^●) And the PV reminds me a lot of Summer Night Town. The line distribution too (x_x;;)ノ

I think it will sell better than Mikan, which I’m depressed did so badly, but I feel like Morning Musume’s got an epiphany coming!

In other news, ゜C-ute has a new single coming ou, which was a surprise to everyone when it was announced. It’s called “Namida no Iro” which means “Color of Tears.” Maybe it’ll be like Ayaya’s 3rd single, LOVE Namida Iro. Haha, I doubt it (●゜0゜)

Also, ゜C-ute will also be recording the image song for the Rakuten Eagles this year. It’ll be called “Koero! Rakuten Eagles” It doesn’t have anything to do with voices though, as far as I know (^▽^~

That’s as much as I can say, so I hope to see you later~

Aiko out~

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A bit about Myself

Hey~ ♪

Aiko here~

This is a blog entry before I actually start the news part  (>∀<)

It’s about myself (●≧w≦●)

I was born December 22, 1992.  The same day, 4 years later of my Real Life counterpart, Kamei Eri.  I joined Morning Musume in 2003, when I was 10 years old.  I was young \(〇口〇)ノ But it’s okay, I was really smart and graduated elementary school early.

I knew I wanted to be a singer, but Morning Musume hadn’t come across my mind until I was 9.  I originally wanted to be in Sailor Myu, which is where my Haromoni Character Sailor Aiko came from.  My counterpart to Eric Kamezou. (=w=;;

In Morning Musume, I became a popular member around the graduation of Nacchi.  It was also around this time I started my solo career, in which I did real life W’s original songs.  They still covered their songs, like Matsu wa and South Paw, but I did Robokiss and Miss Love Tantei before I stopped my solo career.  My songs are still concert performed, occasionally.  Like Mikitty’s when she joined Morning Musume.

The name of this blog came from a comment that Max read on the blog Yossha Yossha Yossha!, about a special Valentine’s Day Group they wanted to start.  They said it could be called “Ai Love You” which is a Japanglish pun (>●<;;)ノ~~

So I stole it and named my blog after it.  Max was feeling guilty and made me tell you guys, even though i doubt anyone’s read this yeat.

I’ll talk to you later~


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Welcome, one and all!


Anyway, enough of the formalities~

I’m a ‘member of Hello! Project’ in a place that we like to call ‘Max’s mind’   He created me when he was a newbie to Hello! Project and didn’t know much about it (●≧w≦●)

But now he’s a full-fledged fan, but not a wota.  He’s afraid of wota, actually.  But I just think their fans.  So I’ll talk about news that Max learns about through other blogs, but MY opinions.

His opinions are elswhere.  You can probably find them in the blog roll.  If not, then I’ll add it later.

He likes to draw me, too.  So I might upload a picture or two that he’s drawn. (- ̄∀ ̄-)/~~~

See ya later, then I guess

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